The Ugly Palm Tree

What do you say? Palm trees are not ugly! Well… yes they can be, just have a gander at one of my two palm trees in the short video! I must wait until next month for them to be pruned as the seeds haven’t emerged yet. Prune them now and I’ll pay twice for the company to come back. I can’t do this, it’s too hard on my old back and unsafe for me. The video gives you a great shot of its ugliness. Next month, all of the dead fronds, those 9-foot-long spikes will be gone leaving just the freshest palm fronds on top of the tree.

4 thoughts on “The Ugly Palm Tree

  1. I guess it’s not too ugly, just in need of pruning. What do they look like if you just let it go naturally? Not native to the Mohave environment, these palms show up in Arizona and Texas, and probably in other places not native.

    • I’ve read about that, the dead fronds will eventually drop off and they are a serious fire hazard because they are tinder dry. The spike things will fall off too. I just very much like to have a tidy backyard, trees included.

    • Well, you are right of course, but John the perfectionist wants everything in his backyard to be shipshape! The wood chips are next, I need to bring in a landscape company to do things right.

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