The New Dog Park Is Open

I met with a neighbor friend today for a quick walk at the park and saw that the new dog park is now open, there were plenty of dogs there. There are three separate fenced areas, two for large dogs, the other for the small dogs and ankle-biters. It’s been a fantastic day with sunshine and 88 beautiful degrees! More photos of this to come, taken with the iPhone 12. Click the pic.

12 thoughts on “The New Dog Park Is Open

    • Thank you, Derrick, that’s Lone Mountain in the background. It’s only 600 feet high but looks lower.

  1. Dog parks seem to be the latest thing in city facilities. Our town just last year opened two dog parks, one for the big ones and one for the little ones. Have no idea what the size distinction is.

    • Oh no, she’s too big! The company that did the work did a great job, I’m sure I’ll take more photos soon of the dogs there if the owners don’t mind.

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