Heading For The Doctor’s Office

It was time for another blood test so off I went too early for my liking, it’s been threatening rain but none was seen this morning. The gal had a very hard time finding a vein which is very odd for me, they can always find a nice popping vein! Here are a few clicks from this morning, these are from the Nikon.

12 thoughts on “Heading For The Doctor’s Office

    • Thanks! I’ve never heard of that kind of cloud before. Sounds like a skin condition! πŸ˜‚

        • Okay, thanks! I assumed it was the cloud name, not unlike the Lenticular clouds that form over our mountains to the northwest which are at 11,916 feet.

    • I like your thinking on this, thanks, K!! All that will happen is the doctor may change my meds a bit.

    • Thanks so much, Anne, all the doctor may do is change my medications a bit. Routine stuff. ☺️

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