22 thoughts on “Moisture

  1. Lovely photos, I think the plants would be happy if it rained!
    I notice a very subtle halo – lighter circle in this image, just cutting off from the top – just wondering if you had noticed it John. Sun angle of the lens or perhaps you have caught a monobow 🙂

    • You must mean the black or much darker areas at the top either side. The lens is an 18-140mm Nikkor but I don’t use the lens hood, maybe I should even on an overcast day. I’m an amateur at photography but love it anyway, keeps me outta trouble! 😂

      • I don’t use lens hoods either, I shade with my hand if I need to – just something extra to carry and lose or break 🙂 It’s more of a slightly lighter circle in from the sides, just cut off at the top – not a criticism, just something very subtle I noticed. It probably is light hitting the lens on a certain angle, even though it’s cloudy. It could be coming off moisture in the air. I’ve never noticed it in any other shots of yours. It’s strangely cool 😀 I bet you can’t do it again 😉

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