The View From The Bridge

Here is another random photo from today under a mostly overcast sky. I am on Lake Mead Boulevard looking west and crossing the bridge over the 95 freeway. It’s still overcast which feels weird since Las Vegas has 300+ days per year of beautiful sunshine. You just get used to the sun shining every day! Click da pic.

4 thoughts on “The View From The Bridge

  1. Smashing shot John! No wonder there’s so many accidents, everyone is driving on the wrong side of the road!!! 😉
    Those mountains really look amazing in this shot, it must be the light. You really get a sense of the powerful forces involved and upheaval to tilt the rock up like it is.

    • Thanks so much, Tone! Yes, we have always driven on the right, wrong side of the road here! Those mountains are actually much higher than they look in the photo, there must be a technical name and reason for this, do you know?

      • No, unfortunately I didn’t study geology – just physics and chemistry for me. Probably a similar sil action that took place on the mountain behind me – or tectonic movement smashing together forcing the rock to slant up. Incredible to think about though!

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