Ugly Palm Tree Update

I am sure that you all are very excited to get an update on my palm trees (yeah right) so here it is. The taller tree has sprouted two new strands of hanging flowers, they dry up and fall off after the bees have done their job on them, then they make a mess. Some of these photos are of the smaller tree just doing the same thing. Unfortunately, I have to wait until July 14th to get them pruned. Mostly sunny and 99 degrees are on deck for today, the clouds of yesterday and what little humidity they brought are long gone to the east.

12 thoughts on “Ugly Palm Tree Update

    • I cn’t do that, my back is very questionable when doing strenuous things. Also, the tree must be pruned at the right time, do it too soon and you’ll be doing it again. Not your usual trees!

        • I figured you were, Anneli! I totally agree too. The crew that shows up here every July always has the owner of the company with the crew of guys that must be 25 to 35 years young or so. My three herniated lower lumbar thank me for not attempting that climb! 😂

    • It’s messy, it’ll be nice when they get pruned! I will watch them do this and smile all the while! 😂🌴

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