Today’s Fashions?

Man oh man, what the hell happened to people that actually give a crap about how they look when in public? I see this fairly often around town. You never know what circumstances people are in but I hope this guy has some real pants. 😂 I hope the little dog doesn’t get the crunch! Sunshine and 104 degrees are on tap for today.

9 thoughts on “Today’s Fashions?

    • I’m glad that you no longer do that! I feel like I may be insulting people when I mention this…

    • I agree, like butt cheecks hanging out! Some say that they have met the love of their life in a grocery store. That would be nice!

  1. Pajama Man hahaha That’s funny. People are like that here too, some people that is. I don’t get the whole wearing pajamas thing but each to his own I guess. I agree with your friend, that little dog should be leashed!

    • I find wearing PJs in public shows a lack of respect for one’s self and maybe disrespectful to others, but I am a little older and remember a different time. I don’t care what the guy wears as long as he is clothed! 😂

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