Construction Begins at Bonnie Springs Ranch

While visiting my favorite places yesterday I noticed some brand new construction on the site where Bonnie Springs Ranch once stood. I’m still not happy that the place was sold and destroyed. When the place was first torn down two years ago I think, there was a security vehicle watching the place but what was left to protect?

Nothing. Apparently, an entire housing subdivision will be built here which I believe really sucks, this is a wild and beautiful place located up against an old, ancient fault line. Developers don’t give a rat’s ass about anything but putting more money in their bank accounts. I wish that they never got the permits to build here!

10 thoughts on “Construction Begins at Bonnie Springs Ranch

  1. That’s such a shame. The same thing is happening here where much of our farmlands and green spaces are being paved over to put up yet another tacky subdivision.

    • It’s BS, isn’t it! Stop the insanity with new homes, they are popping up here like pimples!

  2. It is so beautiful there. I enjoyed visiting bonnie Springs very much. It is kind of sad that they are building yet another subdivision.

    • It makes me a bit angry, Maria but what can anyone do? I had no idea that Bonnie Springs was in financial trouble, or that’s what I think happened. How can that area be zoned as residential when there is a state park right next door! Grrr…

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