10 thoughts on “Toast Me

    • vERY HOT AND A NORMAL TEMPERATURE FOR THE VALLEY IN SUMMER, WE WILL EVENTUALLY HOT 110 to 115 degrees. Hot! Pardon the caps, oops.

    • The desert is not for everyone, Rudi. It will eventually hit 110 to 115 at some point this summer…

  1. Ugh! It’s been 100 here all week with heat index of like 108? This coming Tuesday, the weather says the high will be 89! I really hope so. Plus, maybe some rain. Stay cool!

    • Enjoy the heat! Well, maybe not but it ain’t winter anymore. It’s always cool inside my home, a perfect 73 degrees.

    • I was just in the backyard, the sun has sank behind the mountains and it will be 83 degrees overnight. Nice.

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