Las Vegas’ Finest On Their Way

At the drug store, I noticed these guys waiting for a traffic light on Charleston Boulevard at Durango Drive. They were not on a run to an emergency. I spoke with my dad on the phone a bit ago, just checking up on him as does my sister. When your dad is 94 years young, you just really want and need to stay in touch!

πŸ”₯What a day it’s been with 10r degrees and very high winds whipping the trees around as though they were whip snakes! But, it’s a fabulous 73 very comfy degrees on my favorite couch. By the way, I did see two people riding their bicycles in the heat and wind today, that’s crazy! Sunburnt! 🌞

10 thoughts on “Las Vegas’ Finest On Their Way

  1. lovely bright photos, I like the cropped framing. I took some photos of the new part of the Hobart Fire House a week or two ago, I want to go back and take some of the old part before I publish them together πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, Tone! I was in the truck cab, just finished topping off the tank and saw the truck. Nikon was on the seat next to me, click! There three photos, the middle photo captured one of those tire filling stations that you put coins in to air up your tires. Or, Tyres in Australia? I couldn’t remove the item in the way, too much of it was in the photo.

      • Lucky! And lots of skill of course πŸ˜€ I left early for work today, called into the tip-shop but left empty handed, then just had time to take some shots of the old part of the Hobart fire station. I’ll put a post of it together soon πŸ™‚

  2. There are dice and cards and the Las Vegas Golden Knights hockey team symbol on that fire truck. Interesting. I will have to look at my local fire department see if they have decals other than 911.

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