The Human Body

This wonderful print of the human body was photographed yesterday in the waiting room of my doctor’s office using the iPhone 12. I would love to have this at home, and one of the employees agrees with me. What a day it is, currently 102 very windy degrees in the valley. I took a ride to the pharmacy for a new medication doctor is having me try, then a bit of a joy ride on the way back home as the truck slipped through those powerful Mojave Desert Winds. I think of that truck as my ship of the desert. Click the pic to enlarge.

15 thoughts on “The Human Body

  1. That is a very nice multiple panel print.

    It is in the mid 70s and breezy here today. 102 is a bit hot for me, but I know I will see that before summer’s end up here.

    • It’s great! Want it in my home. I didn’t know that it can get that hot way up there, Lavinia. i hope you are feeling well.

      • The warmest I’ve seen here in my area is 112, though 100+ is not uncommon in late July and August. I think Portland saw close to 120 last year. I remember reading it was hot enough to melt pavement in some places.

        Doing well. Glad to be alive!

        • That’s great news, Lavinia, Amen! Those temperatures are every bit Las Vegas summer temps but the humidity must be waaay higher! I would be living in the shower, sprinkler in the backyard… 😂

          • I’m from New England, so summer humidity is pretty low by comparison, but not as dry as Las Vegas. It’s dry enough, it can fool one into thinking it is not as hot as it is out there.

            • I see, and that makes perfect sense here. 80 degrees here is nothing even close to similar to what it’s like in Michigan with the higher humidity. One could feel as though they are fine, yet are being drained of body liquid.

  2. That is pretty cool! I like the colouring. I have an xRay of my own head/brain, might try something similar with it one day, good inspiration.

    • Thanks, Anne, the camera does no justice to the piece. it would look so nice in my living room even though it may not be in line with the southwest desert theme.

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