When The TV Screen Freezes

Occasionally, my Cox internet lags and lets the screen freeze like this. This time, it stayed frozen for a minute or so then it releaded and caught up to the program. Thanks for this, Cox internet and TV! The woman is Michelle Forbes who played Ensign Ro in the Star Trek series Star Trek TNG.

Her character was always troubled, and she even earned herself a room in the stockade after being court marshaled by Star Fleet. Yeah, I know and love my old Star Trek! But look at that angry face!

In this episode, she played the daughter of a scientist in a society that terminates its citizens once they reach the ripe old age of sixty. If this was the case here, I would now be dead as I am 61 years young.

Her father asks Captain Picard for asylum at one point in this one-hour episode, but he does return to the planet and allows himself to be put to death. How sad and sickening is that?