A Sweaty Pruning

My backyard Mediterranean Fan Palm was well overdue for a good pruning so I hit it very early this morning before the real heat of the day arrives. I can see in the completed photo that I missed a couple of fronds, I’ll get them later today. The humidity is so much higher the last week or so with the arrival of the monsoon season that I and others want it to go away! We are used to a very dry climate with 50 percent or less humidity. Today’s high temperature will be just 93 degrees which is nice. How is your humidity?

Electric Cars Suck

And, this video which is not mine shows exactly why. I also recently saw a video of a man and his electric car in the middle of nowhere using a portable Honda generator to charge his electric car. That’s right folks, the internal combustion engine is still the right solution, stop the earth worship!

The Exploding Cotton Ball

I hope you aren’t bored with my sky photos yet, I had to capture this big, beautiful cotton ball as it was exploding upwards yesterday afternoon. Mostly sunny and 99 wonderful degrees are on tap for Las Vegas today, I love it! I hope your weekend will be wonderful for you. Click the pic for the explosion.

Windblown Rain and Other Stuff

Here’s another video from last night, note how the rain is blowing sideways just above the pavement in what looks like little sheets of rain. That was a hell of a storm! Say hey to Wilson, he loves living in my backyard! I thought the white cylinder cloud sticking up was kind of cool, and the last photo is just the top of my table with grunge stuck to it. Boring photo. My truck had a professional detailing this afternoon and looks incredibly gorgeous for a seven-year-old truck! No photo. I still need to clean the engine though.