Indoor Abstract, Two

I took several photos of this scene but only two were even close to being used. Today’s weather is a carbon copy of yesterday’s weather with 104 degrees and sunshine in the forecast. Could you deal with the day after day heat and sunshine of Las Vegas Valley? Do you remember “running through” a credit card transaction?

16 thoughts on “Indoor Abstract, Two

  1. I heard today on a public radio about the weather in Las Vegas and thought about you, John. Coming Friday will have 100 degrees.
    You created something very interesting. I like it a lot!

    • Thank you, Kaya, we’ve had 109 or 110 already a week or more ago. It’s 102 at my home just now. 🔥🌴

  2. I ran through thousands of them at my parent’s service station and at different places where I worked. I think that even at the last place I worked they were still doing manual credit card transactions when I started. I also remember the work days before fax machines, cell phones, computers, calculators. I did company books using paper ledgers……🙄

  3. I like some variability in the weather, as day after day heat is tiresome, especially now. Mid summer tends to be the most stable in terms of heat and sun. My favorite times of year are spring and fall with all the transitional weather patterns that come with those seasons.

    • That sounds like Michigan in a way, you would never like the day-after-day heat and sun with no rain way down here, Lavinia. I took some photos of Lake Mead today on a half-day trip. I have tone of photos coming up if you want to stop by. Have a great weekend!

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