The Lake Mead Run

Around nine this morning, I headed east for the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. I took 1.26GB of photos so this will be a series that I hope you’ll stop back by the blog for. The next post will easily show how terribly low our beautiful Lake Mead is and it’s very sad. I’ll have a quick video too in that post probably later today. It’s 102F at my place just now, and very windy. So windy that my full-size pickup was being bounced around a bit!

3 thoughts on “The Lake Mead Run

  1. […] Scary shit man! I recommend following the park’s advice. It’s amazing though to see so much water in one place in the middle of nowhere while it’s over 100 degrees which it was that day. The beautiful Mojave Desert never fails to amaze with its beauty and surprises! This post is part of my post Lake Mead Run. […]

  2. The area is beautiful, John. I am sorry to hear the lake is so low.

    We have had good rain this past winter and spring, and good snow pack in the mountains. That will help us up here going into the annual summer dry season.

    • That’s wonderful that you have so much water! Meanwhile, the east side of the country gets drown basically while the southwest bakes in dry mud. I would love to know why this is happening. New post up.

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