The Water Line

This post is the continuation of my visit to Lake Mead today, have a look at the waterline sign and also look carefully at the discoloration on the nearby and distant slopes. It’s easy to see where the waterline used to be, the lake has not been at full pond for decades and continues to fall lower. My bird bath in the backyard evaporates about halfway by the end of the day when I fill it up with the hose. Imagine how much water is lost to evaporation from the lake over time! Water is life, no water humans and so much more will perish.

The video colors went really bad after this video was uploaded, sorry, not my fault…

22 thoughts on “The Water Line

    • It’s waaay too low! Meanwhile, the east coast is droening with too much water. Such a crock of dookie! 😡

  1. I could not get the video to play, but the photos were convincing as to the water level. Water is definitely a limiting resource.

    • It’s really bad, Lavinia. Scary. I suggest clearing your browser out, that may help, the video should play as you are in the States. People in the UK sometimes can’t play it.

    • Yeah, very much so! I like the reactions I get on this subject, people have no idea that Vegas is in such a critical situation with our water. Yet, more new homes go up every day. Almost makes me want to deal with living in Michigan again, plenty of ground water up there…

    • Yes, very sad! We don’t get enough snow melt from the Rockies or enough rain from our monsoon seasons either. Yet, the east coast is being flooded with rain frequently! Maddening.

    • I don’t know that it will ever end, Rudi. Meanwhile, our east coast is being inundated with too much rain! Making water desalinization plants has got to be made much more cost effective around the world. How can we all be short of fresh water when this planet is mostly covered by it?

    • Well hello again my friend! The birds must be loving your bath, I have seen just one little finch on mine in the three weeks it’s been there. But, it’s in the backyard which I can’t see from the living room. I always say that Vegas isn’t for everyone for many reasons, but the summer heat is almost at the top of the list… 🔥

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