Beautiful Rocks, Distant Views

This is the continuation of photos from yesterday. The one large boulder is inside the Valley Of Fire State Park, such a great place. The photo showing the road disappearing into the distance is the road that runs from the fifteen freeway into the state park which is several miles from the freeway. In one photo, you can see the bathtub ring that shows how terribly low Lake Mead is. Today, Las Vegas has 104 degrees in store. Hot!

Once again, WP seems to have ruined the colors and quality of my videos!

18 thoughts on “Beautiful Rocks, Distant Views

    • Thanks, the photos do no justice to the beauty of the landscape here, Tone. The red rocks are so amazing in color, shapes and the many holes and cuts in the rock. They had a tough life, eh! 😂

      • I’ll say! Such extremes of temperature working away at them. They would appear to change colour too like our mountain in different weather.

            • Unless you want a free ride in a cop car! In winter, I wear short pants year round, but all you need most of the time is a light jack or sweater. It never gets super cold here.

              • I have summer clothes and winter clothes, should have two wardrobes! Usually 5-12 deg C in winter, sometimes a few below 0, and 20-30 in summer, sometimes 36, rarely 40. Some days in Hobart you need to prepare for BOTH! I always carry a rain jacket, it can change quickly.

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