She’s High And Dry

I spotted this boat from a long way off and drove over there for the photos. Having grown up around boats I am keen to have a look. So sad to see this, the boat should be down the hill afloat on Lake Mead! She’s an older small yacht with twin screws. Notice the left-hand and right-hand rotation of the propellers. This prevents the props from causing the boat to “walk” one way or the other so the boat can travel in a straight line.

12 thoughts on “She’s High And Dry

  1. She’s a beauty. When I lived in South Florida, I used to go boating with friends every weekend. The last time I was on the water was a cruise to Alaska, many moons ago. I miss those days, however, happy with living where I do now – close to the mountains which I love.

    • Water gives me energy somehow, it’s weird but I really miss boating but love the mountains too. A cruise up there sounds wonderful! The mountains here are probably different than your mountains.

  2. A lovely cabin cruiser! And another thing we have in common John, my dad had a half cabin cruiser then moved up to a yacht when I grew up. I bought a Laser sailing dingy when I was about 18 but other than that didn’t get into boats after that.

    • A Laser? I sailed one in the races every Sunday on our lake! I follow them on IG too, they are still building boats! My dad had a Sea Ray 50 footer years ago, so fun to cruise the Great Lakes on. The supports do not look up to the task, do they? Scary mistake, nice twin-screw setup though.

      • Well I’ll be! I looked at a laser for sale on Gumtree last week, I’d love another they were so much fun, but I don’t think I have enough time for another hobby! My Dad ended up building a Roberts 36’ steel hull but redesigned the entire layout. I preferred sailing then motoring.

        • I see, I like motoring better, you are not held back by the wind direction but sailing is always fun! I loved that litle sailboat!

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