14 thoughts on “The Road Of Grunge

    • This is an east west road that starts at the 15 freeway and will take you directly into the Valley Of Fire state park. If you continue through the park and exit, the road will turn right and takes you back south towards Las Vegas and continues towards Hoover Dam and Boulder City. It’s a long drive through some very beautiful country as you are now inside the Lake Mead National Recreation area.

    • That’s a great question, Tone. I have done a little research into the geologic history of Nevada. 200 million years ago, this area and most of the southwest of the country was under a shallow sea. Se shells have been found in the mountains, and ancient shorelines are still visible on some of the rock faces that were tilt thrusted millions of years ago. Behind Alaska, Nevada is the most mountainous state in the union. Cool stuff, dude!

      • Interesting area, I meant the road when it was built. We have a road going up beside the River Derwent that shifts and bumps, though they changed the alignment a few years ago and did a major upgrade so will be interesting to see if it’s improved its stability.

        • I see. I ecpected better roads here than in Michigan, but some of them are just as bad even though they never see snow and ice. Except those in the surrounding mountains…

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