Horse On The Loose

Imagine what could happen should this larger-than-life horse actually gets loose and runs onto Charleston Boulevard? The carnage… He’s at the north entrance to a large and very high-end neighborhood. The pigeon is giving you a great glamor shot, isn’t it?

The photo of the rollercoaster locate at New York, New York is also about three years old. The high temperature today will reach only 99 degrees and believe me, you can feel the difference. Have a great Sunday!

6 thoughts on “Horse On The Loose

    • Thanks, all is well way down here! My Hispanic neighbors next door in a different HOA, are having a great party tonight, I wish I could join them. I was very happy though to see a banner over their patio that was all American flags. Great music!

      Thank you, neighbours!

      Occasional fireworks are popping elsewhere, but tomorrow night will be the real nightmare for our pets.

      I am hoping that the new rental neighbors two doors down will not be lighting fireworks in the backyard or on the street like the previous renters did. I contacted the HOA office, the neighbors were sent a warning notice. Good deal.

      • Tomorrow will be a big day for you and your fellow Americans. We had a quiet Canada but my sister and brother in law came yesterday and stayed over with their two German Shepherds. Molly had a ball with their younger dog, King. Will post some photos tomorrow.

        • Oh that sounds great, I look forward to the photos! I follow some other Canadians on WordPress too, gotta wish them Happy Canada Day! 🤩❤️🇨🇦😎

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