Rogers Spring

Rogers Spring is one of many natural springs that emerge near Lake Mead. The link will tell you much more about the spring. The signs very directly tell you to NOT drink the water or let the water get into your nasal passages as there is an infectious organism in the water that enters the human body through the nose.

Scary stuff man! I recommend following the park’s advice. It’s amazing though to see so much water in one place in the middle of nowhere while it’s over 100 degrees which it was that day. The beautiful Mojave Desert never fails to amaze with its beauty and surprises! This post is part of my post Lake Mead Run.

Part two of Rogers Spring is coming up.

29 thoughts on “Rogers Spring

    • Thanks, and oh hell no I ain’t falling in to that! Its so weird and deceptive because it’s so beautiful! 💀

    • Thanks so much, Derrick, i was fascinated with this place! There are fish living below the dam, very odd.

  1. Good that there is a warning sign, if not….. it could lead to a lot of problems.
    Who would expect this when you are in the middle of the dessert and fininaly find some water…..

    • That’s the irony of it, Rudi, how cruel! I did put may hand in the water, it is very warm!

    • Absolutely, yet this water is coming from supposedly far underground and stays at 80 degrees F all year. Still, no thanks! I did dip my hand in the water, it was very warm!

    • Thanks, I’m glad to show my people something different! You would probably never know the spring is there except for that mega palm tree which is actually five separate trees from apparently one stump or point. Worth the stop, and there are toilets too. A big score in the middle of nowhere! 😂

    • Thanks so much, Renard! Part two is up sometime today. I hope that your island won’t be hit with a hurricane this year.

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