It was Just Good Timing…

Late last night, I grabbed the iPhone and headed to the backyard to shoot this video.

My neigbours behind me in a different neighborhood kept the party going until around one AM. It was just happenstance that they launched another rocket just as I began recording, the recording does not capture the very deep-sounding BOOM! As the rocket launched. I was fearful for my home.

I was angry and rightly so. I hope the fireworks will be outlawed inside the city borders someday, too many people are hurt every year by these things for lack of knowledge and safety issues.

21 thoughts on “It was Just Good Timing…

    • I always sleep great regardless of their noise. I like the music anyway. I use a large fan to drown out the outside sounds.

  1. Wow – way to catch the action. That is crazy close to your house too. We had neighbors shooting off fireworks for hours the last few nights. One house had a pile of them about 6 x 3 feet in size. The garbage left behind took them a couple hours to clean up from their yard. The road was covered with crap. I’m sure the participants enjoyed the show, but those who don’t enjoy it definitely would prefer them to not do so. I’m glad you and your house were okay and free from damage.

  2. I am unable to watch the video, but can sympathize with you. Some fireworks could be heard in our area last night. At least drought has not started in here, yet.

    • I am sorry about this, Lavinia. Dangit! I’ve gone through the settings, it should run but… Happy Fourth!

  3. We have a big Native centre across the street that used to set off big fireworks every June (Native Treaty Day) before the pandemic. I can’t believe they never torched anyone’s house. This is not the place to do it!..

    • Darn, I am sorry! I have gone through the settings in my admin area, it is set to public. Apologies. Yeah, they would anyway, jerks!

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