Rogers Spring, Part Two

Here are the last photos of this unusual and beautiful natural spring in the desert which maintains a temperature of 80 degrees all year round. Lake Mead is easily in view when looking west. There are fish living in the pool below the dam, what kind they are I have no idea but they live on a thin line with a warm spring water source and a pool below the dam that is man-made from the rocks laying around. Living on the edge! Sunshine and 100 degrees are on tap for today, it’s nice that the daily high has not approached 110 or 115 yet.

23 thoughts on “Rogers Spring, Part Two

    • Thanks, Belinda, can you imagine how sick you would be! Always pay attention to the signs, people!

  1. I wonder if that water affects other animals around there? They wouldn’t know to read the signs or keep their noses above the water. 😧

  2. That is probably the same amoeba that I heard about when a man did a sinus rinse with tap water and he died from the amoeba getting into his brain. I always use distilled water for sinus rinses after hearing about that.

    • Wow, I never heard about this, poor man! I use distilled in my CPAP machine, you can’t run any other kind of water or it will mess up the machine. I could use a sinus rinse!

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