Bad Fireworks Photos

I tried hard to get decent photos last night in the backyard, but I couldn’t do it so this is what you get, haha! The video is a bit better. It was a constant bang, boom all evening. I’m glad that it’s over! Sunny and 102 degrees today, another normal summer day in Las Vegas.

15 thoughts on “Bad Fireworks Photos

    • Thanks so much, Lavinia! Almost every second there was something going boom all around me. So glad my home didn’t burn down… πŸ‘πŸ»

  1. John, the photos are beautiful! I never could take the decent photos of fireworks, no matter how hard I tried. And the video is great also!

  2. But you know John, I always kind of like when photos aren’t “perfect” and look like something out of National Geographic. There’s a certain honesty to a shaky photo or just something a little “off” about an image. I saw a lot of photos this morning of my city (Pittsburgh) with the fireworks in the foreground and yes, they were beautiful, but I find the way the light looks on your second photo to be more interesting than those crisp fireworks photos. Anyway, that’s a lot of words about fireworks……..

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