Early In The Journey

This post is also a part of the Lake Mead ride I took the other day. Not long after climbing through the small pass on the east side of Las Vegas, this is the view that you are treated to, miles and miles of almost nothing! And I like that too after being surrounded by people all of the time in the bustling city.

Notice the successive mountain ridges that go on and on to the east.

After a few miles, you will come to the T in the road which will send you south toward Hoover Dam and other locations along Lake Mead, or you must turn left towards the north for Overton, Nevada, the Valley Of Fire State Park, and a couple of public boat launches that are several miles apart.

As I’ve shown before with video, the boat ramps are now far below where they should be because of the terrible drought the southwest has been in for way too many years.

16 thoughts on “Early In The Journey

    • Thanks, Derrick. I did change one setting I found, yesterday, maybe they will play for you now. Sorry about this.

    • It’s been dropping for many years now with no rain in sight, and not enough snow melt coming down from the Rocky Mountains. I have to wonder if Las Vegas is sustainable in terms of water. New homes and subdivisions are going up very fast, and, are there enough jobs to pay for those homes? Should I sell and return to Michigan? Questions I’ve asked myself more than once.

        • Yah, what would you guys do? Hit the road for home, or stay and risk shriveling up? 😂👍🏻

            • Good morning, that’s not going to happen because I would miss this climate here. Snow and cold don’t mix well with me these days! I am traveling up there next month.

          • Easy choice for me. I couldn’t live in LV. I’d have to be inside all summer and with the air conditioning on, it would be like living in a fridge, with the option of coming outside and frying like an egg. I’ll take Michigan anytime over LV, but you have to choose what works for you.

            • Wow, I totally understand, Anneli. I have a ceiling fan running in the living room below the air duct that spreads the cool air around the room which helps a lot.

              I never thought that I could enjoy living in a hot climate like this years ago, but I’m so glad to have missed several years of miserable, dark and bitter winters up there!

                • Oh yes, I can’t hardly imagine going through a Michigan winter at this point, Anneli. My worry is getting back home when a family emergency comes up, and I know that it will at some point. That’s life…

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