The Bees In My Trees

Here’s the latest update on my messy palm trees should you care to know (yeah right)!! It continues to produce the little white flowers that have drawn so many bees to them. The flowers fall off and gently land on my head after dark when I am having a drink under it. The trees will finally be pruned in eight days, then it will be time to bring in a landscape crew to change the old woodchips and the tree mess. 100 degrees is the heat level for today under plentiful sunshine with 111 degrees on tap for this Saturday unless it changes. Can you feel the heat? Oh, the paper thing is what is left of a firework, I found it on the side of the house this morning, dammit!

8 thoughts on “The Bees In My Trees

  1. That palm tree will be grateful for the pruning! Litter in general is a pain in the rear. Walking Molly between garbage on our streets or in our parks is an exercise in futility. I have to start remembering to bring a bag with me now that she is walking better.

    • I’ll post photos of them both after the pruning, finally, the trash falling from above stops! The wood chips are trashed and need replacing anyway after three years. I have an idea for where the wood chips are.

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