13 thoughts on “Snaking Through The Canyons

    • I am very sure that you would love this 45 or so mile drive, Rudi! Too bad we can’t take the drive together.

    • I’ve never seen one semi on this road, there’s very little out there. You leave Las Vegas behind at the pass and a few miles later you are the only human around except for an occasional car passing the other way. Very peaceful.

      • That is nice. I don’t know what our country roads are like around here for traffic (I know they are gravel 😧), but son Dan lives on an acreage in Alberta and semis pass by on their little country road ALL the time.

            • Well that’s not fair! 😂 I guess the provincial government mandates that they be paved. When I lived in Ontario decades ago, the roads outside of the larger cities were called Concessions. Say the first, second, third and so on. Nothing like that anywhere in the states!

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