Such A Shame

I am sure that in time these giant tires will all be removed, the powers that be in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area take great care of the land. But still, yuck! We, humans, are trashy creatures, aren’t we? We have even managed to leave rubbish on Mars too! Let’s just forget about going there, please…

6 thoughts on “Such A Shame

  1. Our “civilization” leaves its marks everywhere and often they are not pretty at all… Let’s hope this mass of tires disappears soon and that they are recycled in a responsible way.

    • Hi Anne, I can’t say for sure that it’s supposed to be a tire dump, but perhaps a temporary location for them. I think that the reason that this gets my attention so much is that in the late 1980s, there was a huge tire store on Dixie Highway, a long 4-lane road that runs from my home county to the next county south.

      That tire store had a MEGA pile of tires on the property that caught fore somehow. I still suspect that it was arson. That huge pile literally burned for several weeks! Why it couldn’t be extinguished I don’t know but the thick cloud of black smoke was visible for a long way away. Funny how the brain works…

      There must be a realistic way to re-purpose tires.

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