The Dead Hotel

This motel died long before the pandemic hit and has looked like this for a few years now. The motel is a victim of Lake Mead’s continuing declination, the water used to be right up to the beach in front of the motel. Today, the water is far below the beach, very sad. I needed to use the men’s room when stopping by the marina store on this day, the woman inside actually told me that the toilets are only for the employees to use. Seriously? There are other toilets nearby, but what makes these bathrooms so special? I was irritated, the woman knew it!

8 thoughts on “The Dead Hotel

  1. So sad to see businesses die out. Super weird that they wouldn’t let you use the bathroom. It’s really not that big of a deal if you used it.

  2. I don’t like when hotels like this one are out of business. I feel always sad but… And that was absolutely ridiculous about the toilets!

    • It was so ridiculous, and I let her know how irritated I was. Old bitty! There is plywood over all of the doors and windows, but hooligans have kicked them in. Even in the middle of nowhere, the hooligans never give up.

  3. There’s a lot of places that have changed their washroom policies since the pandemic first hit. (Around here anyway). Seems strange that a marina store wouldn’t have public washrooms though. 🤔

    • But, the virus has settle down such that I see very few folks wearing a mask now. There’s no justification for this but oh well, no big deal.

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