An Hour’s Joyride

It’s a fabulous, sunny day in Las Vegas but it’s damn hot at 108 degrees. I snapped about fifty photos, here are a few to begin with. How has your weekend been so far?

15 thoughts on “An Hour’s Joyride

    • I have not rode the bike at all in about a month and a half because of the heat, Shelley. I did try a short ride last week just in my neighborhood. Nope, I can’t handle the heat on the bike, and I would become a red lobster from the scorching desert sun! I have to wait until autumn when the temps will stay well below 100 degrees. I have seen almost no bicycle riders around town too. All I can do is keep the battery charged up once a week, I do miss those daily 20 mile rides!

  1. It’s hot here too – high 90s with heat index above 100. Extreme temps never last long in our area, fortunately.

      • IMO, Florida and Louisiana have unbearable humidity. We live north of Atlanta and the weather is pretty mild. I enjoy 4 seasons.

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