New Homes Are Popping Up All Over

On my joyride yesterday, I passed by this new subdivision that is like many others in this area, the homes are popping up like zits on a teenager’s face! I am always left with the same questions though which are: who can afford these new homes considering the cost of food and petrol and more that have skyrocketed after the pandemic settled down? And, you have seen my very recent photos of Lake Mead. No water, no life!

18 thoughts on “New Homes Are Popping Up All Over

  1. The same thing is happening over here. I worry about the impact this is going to have on the environment and wildlife. We seem to just be paving over all our green spaces. And for what?

    • Well said, we are paving over the beautiful desert floor here, what about the Desert Tortoise? The snakes and ground squirrels! The houses keep creeping west toward the BLM wildlife areas. Grrr

    • It’s ridiculous isn’t it! Like my sister said recently, humans make a mess everywhere we go with consuming resources and leaving a mess behind us. Not cool.

  2. That’s going to be quite the development! Its the same here. New houses going up all of the time but the population and employment doesn’t change.

    • That is exactly my point, how can the homes be paid for with employment opportunities being limited? Humans are weird, aren’t we!!

  3. We’re on the outskirts of Houston and it’s been spreading out more and more towards us in the past few years. There’s so much construction, it’s mind blowing.

    • maybe it’s time to sell the home and move further away from the downtown area? You get the hurricanes too I think.

      • Hi John, we’re actually pretty far from downtown Houston. But, it’s just sprawling out on all sides! It’s been growing, but in the past 2 years, it’s just exploded. The price of land has exploded as well. Even if we were to sell, we probably couldn’t afford anything at this point. The appraisal on just our mobile home is now about $20,000 more than at the sale price 20+ years ago! It’s nuts.

        • Wow, that is crazy! How do people afford new homes and cars today! I took my seven-year-old pickup truck to two dealers a few months ago just to see what they would but it for, I had no intention of selling it. They both offered me $20,000 for it! All because the mocrochips that run the new cars were not available because of the pandemic. And, my truck is in fantastic condition, it never sees road salt or snow here of course. Buying a new truck would be a very dumb choice…

          • It is! And while we don’t have state tax here, the property taxes are just getting higher and higher every year. We might as well be paying state taxes! Like you, I’m not sure how people are buying new homes and new vehicles. I’m guessing on credit and potentially nothing is ever really paid off? I’m puzzled by it as well. I can’t imagine what new vehicles are going for at this point. Yes, hold onto your truck! It sounds great! The AC is going out in my 2009 Civic, but if my husband can’t fix it, it’s going to a shop. We’re not going to even entertain a new vehicle at this point and used vehicles are sky high right now as well. Hope you’re staying cool out there! We had a 107 day here yesterday. Hottest on record for this area. Take care.

    • Yes, I left that question out because there are jobs available be they not so good paying, but can they make enough to pay the mortgage? Here is a clip from a web page about our minimum wage:

      “The State of Nevada has a two-tier minimum wage system based on qualifying health benefits being offered to employees. For the period covering July 1, 2022, through June 30, 2023, the minimum wage rate is $9.50 per hour if the employee is offered qualifying health benefits, and $10.50 per hour if the employee is not offered qualifying health benefits.”

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