The Smaller The Stronger

If you have followed this blog long enough then you know about the battle with scorpions getting into my home. The other day, I put an extra sticky pad on the other side of the front door on the floor. That pad caught a very small scorpion which you see here.

It was difficult to get this one photo of the damn thing because it is so small. I changed the lens and used the 16-50mm lens. The smaller the scorpion, the more potent the venom, this one will no longer threaten me. The other photos are a part of yesterday’s one-hour joyride.

It’s gonna be hot in the valley today with 111 degrees in the forecast, welcome to a Las Vegas summer!

22 thoughts on “The Smaller The Stronger

    • Oh yes, I was meant to be that I put that sticky pad down a day or two before the little vermin showed up! 😂

    • Hi Shelley, thanks for stopping by! Honestly, I do keep an eye out for them but really don’t give this anymore thought than that. Humans have invaded their territory!

      • You’re welcome!
        You’re braver than I would be. Those critters scare me….! You’re right though – the humans have taken over their spots, so maybe they get curious to see what it’s like to live in AC?! 🤣

        • There is some truth in them seeking cooler temps according to the same guy that sprays my home for scorpions and other vermin. They do seek shade and they can find it in the trunks of palm trees that haven’t been skinned, and other places of course. I need to go shining for them tonight, all you need is a black light and a screw driver! 😂

    • Thanks, they catch all kinds of stuff like dust bunnies, tiny bugs and the dreaded scorpion. The pads are supposed to be sort of rolled up but I like them this way. If there were a cat or dog or little human here, the pads would be bad!

    • Hi Jet! Yeah, a wee bit hot, I had to flip the AC back on earlier this morning, try to keep it off at night when it cools to the 80s. I hope that you guys have been well. 😎

    • Gladly no, I have been very lucky! I have a habit of just looking at the sticky pads, and the walls in some areas of the house for them. Thank God for air conditioning!

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