18 thoughts on “More Manual Mode

    • Thank you, Tone, I am not ashamed to admit that I have been shooting in auto mode for a long time but do know how to use manual but am rusty at it. It’s great to have control of the ISO and Fstop.

        • Really, that runs counter to what people usually think. The dreaded Monday! Wednesday should be the better day as it’s half way through the work week, right?

          • Depends on what you do I guess. Monday and Tuesday people would be stumbling back from the weekend so they would leave me alone. Wednesday, everyone was running running full bore and wanting to get everything done so they could start sliding into the next weekend on Thursday. Maybe it was a construction thing. 😐

              • I loved the work and most of the people – especially my customers and suppliers! They were amazing and everything I did for them was really appreciated. The constant deadlines and multitasking were really stressful. The office was unhealthy – very dusty, dark, and drafty. Things were really great with my boss for the first twelve years or so but it got really bad for the last few years. That was the worst but good in that it got me out of there. πŸ˜‰

                • So, you quit management? I did that twice over the years. Some folks are not meant to be in management. They should have improved your desk area for gosh sake!

                  • It was a construction office. πŸ˜‰ Brian (my boss) actually had me go out and get myself a new desk (really nice) but he couldn’t do much about the dust or that the office faced north. The first big issue was The Independent Business Association. They convinced Brian to join their outfit by convincing him how hard done by he was and how his employees all used him and took advantage of him. Not true at and we all treated him with respect and appreciation. It was downhill from there.

                    • Wow man, that’s pretty sad. What was the point of an association though? Doing that makes the business less independent to me.

                    • That is just how it is in Saskatchewan – business associations, unions, politics. Sell people on a big pity party so they think they can’t make it without you. Once they have you, they are laughing all the way to the bank and you are miserable and worse off than you were before. I don’t get it but people here lap it up.

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