Pigeons Love Leftovers

Late this morning I headed for Floyd Lamb Park again hoping to find some birds to photograph. I saw two pairs of ducks, a few Rock Pigeons, zero geese, and no coots. What is going on here?

Last year, there were so many different bird species here! I took a couple dozen photos but only a few made it through my screening process, these photos of two rock pigeons made the top of the list as I was still working on improving my photos in Manual mode.

There were many cars in the parking lots which was surprising considering it was 106 degrees.  Even a family of six was heading for one of the ponds with a bunch of fishing gear in the summer heat. I’ve said before that it is possible to acclimate to the desert heat, and there is your proof!

8 thoughts on “Pigeons Love Leftovers

    • Yeah, exactly! The birds were about ten foot from me, I was mildly grossed out watching them peck at the grease and Lord knows what else on that thing. Imagine the germs! Never eat pigeons! 😂

              • I don’t know. I watch them because I am so impressed at the determination of the participants but they make me feel incompetent because I would drown getting off the boat or wish I had when I got cold, bug bitten, and hungry enough to eat squirrels.

                • Did you notice the skin on some of the people? It was full of bumps, bug bites and whatever, it’s like torturing yourself! Nasty… Most humans have moved on from that.

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