Three Days Hence

These rowdy palm trees of mine will finally get the pruning they so badly need. I’ll post photos should you care to see the way they should look. These photos are also taken in manual mode. It’s 7:45AM and it’s already 91 degrees with 111 degrees in the forecast. My AC system is set to 75 degrees, that’s a 36-degree difference from outdoors. What are you up to this week? Work, play, or a bit of both?

6 thoughts on “Three Days Hence

    • You bet, I love the way they look right after a pruning. They have been making a mess on the ground, once they are done I will have a company remove the old wood chips and replace them, done!

  1. Here in Belgium they predicted some days around 30°C but that’s still cooler than in Vegas.
    I thinks I will take my bike out for a ride along the water side and start early in the morning 🙂

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