A Northern Mockingbird On The Bird Bath

There is one other bird, I don’t know what species it is but the mockingbird is easy to identify by the white on top of its wings. The bath has been there for two weeks or so, and it is finally attracting a few birds. I have a bird feeder ready to install, but the ground is too hard for the feeder to be pushed into the ground.

My plan is to have the landscape crew that will replace the bad wood chips this month to hopefully install the feeder in the ground for me. The bird has its mouth open presumably to help the bird cool as much as possible in the scorching desert sun. It was 111f when I wrote this post, welcome to summer in Las Vegas!

10 thoughts on “A Northern Mockingbird On The Bird Bath

    • Imagine being so small and having no apparent shelter or water nearby. Placing that bath there may save some birds I hope! It was 111 yesterday, the same for today. Wow! Air traffic at the bath has been on the rise for a few days now! ❤️

        • I refresh it in the morning and in the afternoon regardless of the heat warming the water up. They still drink it. ❤️

          • That’s good. With the avian flu going around, I’ve heard it said we should not have bird baths, but flu or not, we need to have water for the birds, so changing it often is a good thing to do. The birds will thank you.

              • I just checked that out and it says not normally, but it is possible. I don’t know of anyone who has got it. I just feel sorry for the birds who get it.

                • Thanks for the update, I am guessing that they die from it. Sad that our little dinosaurs can get it. I just flushed the bath out with a huge bucket full of water, swish! It evaporates so fast that it will need more water this afternoon.

                  • I found a dead sparrow in my yard early this spring and saw no signs of injury. That made me wonder if it was bird flu. My sister lives on the mainland and she said a lot of birds were dying there this spring. I hope it’s subsiding. I hate to lose our beautiful little birds.

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