The Power Of Perception

On the way to the dentist’s office for a cleaning this morning, I was stopped at the traffic light and had a couple of minutes or more to grab these photos. Zoomed way in or out if you prefer, the mountain you see is about three miles west of me yet the 200mm lens creates this gigantic wall effect and makes the road and traffic stand out a little more. Pretty cool, eh? My hygenist says my teeth aren’t going to fall out anytime soon!😂

Click the photo for the best experience.

8 thoughts on “The Power Of Perception

    • You must mean those very tall power poles, they are everywhere and never look good in a photo. You have to leave the city to get away from them!

  1. The first photo is great. The mountain in the background seems overbearing and makes everything else look small. You could almost imagine that the mountain stretches over top of you and you’re going into a tunnel.

    • Wow, thank you for comment, Anneli! That’s very 3-D thinking. The image is as I intended it to look, bold and big in the distance opposed to the road. ❤️

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