An Injured Hiker?

When I was in Calico Basin this morning, these trucks passed by me as I was shooting. I got one of them to blow the horn with my thumbs up, great people. I am guessing that it was a hiker that was injured as that parking area is where hikers and rock climbers park during the winter months when it’s far cooler. I hope the person is okay. The other photos were shot in manual mode using the 200mm Nikkor. I heard thunder a few minutes ago at home, some areas of the valley are blessed with rain today but not my area. Bummer…

6 thoughts on “An Injured Hiker?

  1. A while back I was leaving the state park where Bella and I go to hike. As we drove away a small army of first responders passed going the way I had come. Found out later someone had fallen but their injuries were not life threatening. It was somewhat disconcerting though with the amount of vehicles headed past me.

    • That’s a very similar situation, Rebecca. I’m glad they were not seriously injured. I thought the number of trucks was a bit too much too. But, they have things set up the way they should be I guess.

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