Mom and Pop Gaming

Molly’s is just one of a few independent gaming companies around the valley, to me, they are mom-and-pop operations which is something I support, but not the gambling aspect. In my nine years here I have deposited not one red cent into any machine, my money stays in the bank! Partly cloudy and 108 are forecast for today, yet another scorching day. The tree company will be here at 7:30 this morning to prune my palm trees, finally! Pictures are coming of course. Oh, they are here now! Here are some photos, much better!

18 thoughts on “Mom and Pop Gaming

    • Thank you! I love the way they look right after the prune, in a couple of weeks, the fronds will hang at a lower angle. My favorite trees, have been for decades. The guy in charge of the crew told me that he doesn’t really like palm trees!

    • Thank you, Rudi! i think so too, those casinos on the Strip show that they have enough of other people’s money already.

  1. They cater to desperation and addiction. I don’t mind dropping in to a casino for an hour or so if we are out of town but it wouldn’t bother me if I never went into the one here again. We used to go but have been there twice since things reopened after the pandemic and it is worse than ever.

    • Sin City has got to have thousands of sad stories, Anneli. Stories of addiction, divorce, broken and destroyed families. Alcohol addition… Sadness.

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