Something Different For This Site

Thes images are not the usual fare for LVPB, but there’s nothing wrong with a change of scenery, right? I’ve been grabbing these images via a screenshot from Instagram for a while, I really like what they say, even the one about the cranky old bastard! The tree crew has left, of course, I have been spiffing up the backyard.

The birdbath needed a good cleaning out so I dumped the basin and cleaned it out really nice, I hope the birds will find the bath even more attractive now that the basin is clean and no more flotsam will fall in the water from the palm tree mess. It’s just now hit 100 degrees, and the daily heating is on!

19 thoughts on “Something Different For This Site

  1. 😯 Wow! The one with the cell phone is deep (And, it is no laughing matter).

    You have given your viewers something important to think about.

    • Hi Renard, you are absolutely right! And, it’s a damn shame. Social Media is fine, but it’s akin to a gambling addiction.

    • I hope it’s not too late, Anneli. I am kind of irritated by seeing hoards of people staring at their damn phone, especially when driving!

        • It’s completely illegal here to drive with the phone in-hand, you have to use hands-free but it doesn’t matter to people. I saw a guy holding his phone while in the left turn lane yesterday. Bad boy!

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