Scheduling An Appointment

My seven-year-old truck is in very beautiful condition but needs a serious professional cleanup inside and out, that will be done after the radiator flush, fuel injector cleaning, and tire rotation which will be done this coming Monday at the dealership where I purchased the truck in 2015.

I have to be at the dealership at 6:30 in the morning! That way, I’ll get out as soon as possible. I have never had these services done to the engine so shame on me! The man in the service write-up area I found out was actually from the same county in Michigan that I am from, isn’t that just crazy?! It’s still a small world, man.

I have met so many fellow Michiganders in Las Vegas, it’s amazing. Life is a circle…

5 thoughts on “Scheduling An Appointment

  1. I’m always amazed at the ‘smallness’ of the world. Recently we ran into someone Ms we had both lived aim the same house in our lifetime. What are the chances? Beautiful photos as always John.

    • That’s the goal! I take great care of my truck and home, the biggest investments most folks have.

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