The Crack Of Dawn

These photos were taken about ten minutes after I crawled out of bed. Looking out the bedroom window I saw this and grabbed the Nikon, yesterday was stormy with thunder and lightning. Watching TV, I saw a bright and very fast flash. Wait for it, Boom!

About five seconds later I heard the thunder, so the lightning was about five miles away right? I hope nobody was hurt by the lightning. Partly cloudy and 104 degrees is on tap for today, a wee bit cooler than the last few days which is nice. Happy Friday, people!

8 thoughts on “The Crack Of Dawn

  1. Beautiful shots. We had a thunderstorm here the night before last and a house was struck by lightning a couple of miles from us. Amazing it wasn’t a disaster because it is in the core area of the city on a street that is all Victorian homes that are maybe a foot apart. There is a firehall right there and fortunately got the fire under control in no time.

    • Wow, that’s very scary, Anne! I wondered if the lightning strike near me caught anything on fire, or God forbid, killed people. It is always an odd thing to hear thunder here, rain is extremely rare. The air takes on the most wonderful scent though, kind of like the scent of ozone. Love it! It’s totally different than the way rain smells in Michigan.

      • Our garden grew a foot yesterday and everyone’s grass is a green and lush today. Lightening is an amazing jolt of energy and nitrogen to the atmosphere. But God forbid if one is struck by it.

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