Are You A Star Trek Fan?

I am and have been since the original series premiered in the 1960s. The weird thing with today’s Star Trek is that the newest episodes with totally different actors are only found on streaming services which aren’t something I want to do or pay for. Hence, I have not seen any of the Star Trek Picard series. That makes me feel ripped off! Other spinoffs are just not my Star Trek! I found that photo on Instagram and did a screenshot.

17 thoughts on “Are You A Star Trek Fan?

  1. We don’t have cable and instead, we just use streaming services. Our mainstays are Netflix and Hulu. But we have been using Paramount+ and it has the newer Star Trek series. We did enjoy Piqcard. Again, though, we don’t have cable. I’m not sure what cable costs, honestly. Maybe see if YouTube runs episodes?

    • I despise Youtube and avoid it like a plague. My cable bill is over $200 per month which is TV and internet combined, NOT cheap, such a ripoff.

      • Honestly, I don’t like YouTube either! My husband really enjoys it. He uses videos to learn about mostly either fixing things or DYI stuff. I just don’t learn well that way. And while I have tried to use YouTube for music, I just do not like the way it functions at all! That is not cheap! All we can get out here in the country for internet is satellite, and it’s over $100 – and the service is not great. But I guess at least we can have internet!

        • My father uses satellite for his internet as he is in the country where I lived, next door. The cable company refuses to run cable out there because there arent enough subscribers per mile. It sucks, doesn’t it!

          I do not! Trust YT, they are evil data collectors and spies. I use Start page for searching, they do not track your searches.

          YT is like FB in that way, they mine as much data off of you as possible.

  2. I grew up on and loved the original series. I loved the movies, especially saving the whales. The others I have not been able to see as much of so I can’t really comment on them.

    • The Return Home movie with the whales is a great movie! TOS is on a cable channel here every night at 8PM, fun to see again!

    • Oh man, you’ve seen them, do tell, Cindy! If I were to use a streaming service, it would be Paramount so that I can see the series.

  3. My cousins were big fans growing up with Star Trek -they were urbanites. For the country “ites” we saw strange transformations at night all the time in the Catskills. That was enough for us. We watched The Avengers Diana Rigg.

  4. I don’t stream either – some people think I’m crazy, but jeez, I’m already paying for internet and high def, – social security only goes so far.

    • Hi, GP, it’s ridiculous how expensive my cable TV and internet are each month, there’s no way I’m going to add to that! The providers of these services promote it like it’s candy and the best thing on the planet!

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