19 thoughts on “North

  1. Our A/C has been working overtime here in southern Ontario. It’s been one heck of a hot and dry summer and our lawn is looking very crispy. We’re finally supposed to get some rain early next week, but I’ll believe when I see it.

    • I hope that you do get the rain! Meanwhile, the southeast US continues to get drown while our southwest bakes in a continuing drought. Something has to change at some point, I hope!

  2. Way to hot, also in the south of Europe were there are lots of bush fires now. In the coming days we will have temperatures between 37°C and 41°C in Belgium.

    • That’s very hot, Rudi, be careful! We have too many forest fires going on here too, it’s so sad!

  3. Hey John,
    Not sure how else to contact you so you can delete this after reading.
    Jules and I will be at Tivoli Village tomorrow and we would love to meet you! Even if just for a few minutes. Maybe around 3:30? Just let us know what’s convenient for you.
    You can reply here or email me at purpliacat1@gmail.com.

  4. Currently, not so bad. Low 80’s and sunshine. We had a thunderstorm come through around midnight last night meaning I don’t have to water a garden that I need to wander down and check on. I’m hoping for more tomatoes..

    • Yes, it helped keep the temperature down a bit the last two days, not a lot but it helps! Happy weekend!

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