Unused Photos Dump

These pics are from other recent shoots that were never processed until today, you will recognise some of them. Today has been a total couch potato day but I gotta get to the store soon. Siri says that it’s currently 106 degrees outside, and my home thermometer says 105. Either way, it’s damn hot out there!

20 thoughts on “Unused Photos Dump

  1. Beautiful photos – I love those palm tree flowers! I hope your trip to the store was successful and pleasant. Stay cool. We’re having a very humid day here at 83, feels more like 113!

  2. Not nearly as hot here, but dang that humidity and swimming through mosquitoes. Always love to see your photos. The haze in the last one gives it a very eerie, otherworldly appearance.

    • Mosquitos are evil! We don’t have them here, I’ve never seen or heard one anyway which is so nice! The valley frequently looks hazy, there is some smog in the mix too, yuck!

    • Yes, and some of that haze is smog. Our vehicles must pass a smog test before you can drive legally each year.

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