Ham It Up

I have been a licensed ham radio operator since the early 1980s and have had many different ‘stations’ over the years. Since my home is in an HOA, I can not install any kind of antenna support structure on the property.

That really sucks, right? It does, but for me, that is fine because I have done so many different things in the hobby for decades. At this point in my life, I have no issue with not having a 90-foot tower on the side of the house as I did in Michigan.

This tiny setup does everything I need it to do since my preference in the hobby has almost always been in the VHF and UHF portions of the radio spectrum.

Maybe you have seen other radios in my photos, they are probably receivers only but still lots of fun to tune into the shortwave radio spectrum to see what can be heard from other countries.

I used the Nikon and the 200mm lens for this image, it’s amazing that I can get a clean image like this with so much gain from the new lens.

20 thoughts on “Ham It Up

  1. Some great gear John! If I didn’t live down in a valley surrounded by hills I probably would have got into it more, I’ve never picked up much from here except the airport.

    • Thanks so much, Tone! Have you considered a beam, or multi-band directional antenna? What little bit of micro volts are in the air, an antenna like that could help you pinpoint signals that you want to hear.

      • I built some directional antennas for wi-fi to share between neighbours before our dud broadband was rolled out. It worked well. You have me thinking now as I’m not using it and it’s still up! 😀

        • I have built a Beam once years ago for DFing, or direction finding on a ham radio club event. We call it a T-Hunt, or transmitter hunt. Someone puts the transmitter at a random location which could be a good distance away, we use the hand-held beams to rack the location of the transmitter. Fun!

          • We used to do Fox Hunts with AM CB’s in our cars in the ’80’s – one person (the Fox) would hide and transmit randomly while the rest of us would drive around and try to find them 😀

  2. When we moved home during my younger son’s eighth year he chose his bedroom because of the number of power points the previous owner, a Ham Radio enthusiast had left in there

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