Meeting With Friends In Tivoli Village

This afternoon I met two bloggers at one of my favorite places, Tivoli Village. I have photos of them but did not ask permission to post them so I will respect their privacy. One person lives here in Las Vegas, and the other person is from Houston, TX. We have been following each other for a couple of years or more.

Anyway, we had a great dinner and plenty of chat which I enjoyed so much. After dinner we were outside for a few moments, that’s when I grabbed these photos. I miss my bike rides that often pass through this fun place, I will be back on the road when the summer heat retreats!

12 thoughts on “Meeting With Friends In Tivoli Village

    • It was very fun, Sylvia! This makes twice now that I have met the authors of blogs I follow on WP! The first was a couple from Canada.

  1. That is so nice to have met up like that! I met a friend blogger years ago when she was in NYC for a visit. Another blogger has become a friend I speak to on the phone, we have not met as we live in different states.

    • Yes! It’s fun to actually hear the voice and give a little hug! I’ve always been on the fence about online friends being actual friends until now. ❤️

      • I know what you mean. There are some you just know you would get along well with, and others are great online, but you know you each probably have very different ideas.

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