Something Peaceful

I find these photos peaceful, a scene so familiar. It’s been thundering here this morning, I hope that this means we will get more rain this monsoon season. Our high today is supposed to hit 113 degrees. Speaking of peaceful, that is not what it was around here late last night.

Once again, I have renters two doors down in the same house that are lighting fireworks which is illegal in this HOA. I walked down to the house and came upon some drunk kids. I told them that if they lit one more bottle rocket, I will call the police. They stopped, Didn’t call.

This morning, I sent a complaint email once again to the HOA team about this. The previous renters did the same crap and I’ve had it!

15 thoughts on “Something Peaceful

    • Yes, the field is planted with rye or alphalfa. I spelt that wrong! The pond is west of the home.

    • thanks, Shelley. I sent a strongly-worded email to the HOA this morning which they will see tomorrow. I am so sick of these damn renters being so rude and disruptive.

      • You’re welcome. I hope the HOA does something about it. I bet other home owners complained too?
        On a silly note – the Fair was in town this week and on Fakebook someone sent a message to the town page and asked if the local brewery was having some kind of party and when would the music stop? The locals said, “Duh…it’s the band playing at the fair.” It was funnier than my description! 🤣😂🤣

        • Good grief, how about strolling over there and having a cold one with them instead? You use FB? Yikes! I would have to be paid a very significant sum of money to open an account on that platform.

            • I see, how has that platform been on the internet so long? I see it as a hive of bad management by the rotten owner. That’s being polite about this.

              • I don’t know. There were a bunch of people our age that had kids on it early on that ended up making friends with others and keep it going? I agree, it isn’t a great place to hang out. It’s sad the same owners own Instagram too. Sigh

  1. Rule breakers like that are annoying, to say the least. Kind of surprised that rental properties are even allowed, most HOA’s prohibit rentals.

    • I have spoke with the HOA folks already, they don’t have a problem with renters and I it needs to change!

      • If rental properties are already allowed it will be tough to get that contract provision deleted. I’d start by finding how many rentals there are in the HOA, then push for not allowing any more, probably would have to grandfather in the existing rentals. But I’m no lawyer…

        • You and I are not lawyers, but I believe that you are right. I probably won’t go any further with this other than the email I sent to the HOA this morning which they will get Monday. I’m just so damn frustrated with this! Two renters, two episodes of illegal fireworks! My email was worded strongly…

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