Yesterday’s Sky

What a big difference twelve or twenty-four hours can make. Rain squalls were showering the valley in different areas yesterday, and today the sky is its usual beautiful blue. Sunshine and 109 degrees are forecast for Las Vegas today, with 113 degrees coming tomorrow. What are you up to today?

15 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Sky

  1. Wow that’s HOT. We have a heat warning here in southern Ontario, but it’s not as hot as Las Vegas. We’re finally expecting some rain tonight and (hopefully) a thunderstorm.

  2. Finished two Conferences with online students, walk with the pug, afternoon appt. with acupuncturist for my hips and knees to start working. My turn to make dinner. Husband turned in cards to laminate for class. I will pick them up. Wondering about my first week return to work soon. Planning virtually and sometimes writing down in notes which will change minutely in a few weeks return to middle school! ESOL.

    • They were but moving very slowly. I stop and look at a stationary object and try to see which way the clouds are moving.

  3. Gone from sleeping up after Molly to mopping. The skies should clear this afternoon and it should be a bit cooler than the past few days, so Molly and I will wait out the rain before we head out.

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