12 thoughts on “Food For Thought

    • Thanks, Anita, Life is a winding road to use a cliche’ but it’s so true. I seem to have been passing through different eras in this life.

    • Thanks, Anneli! I grab these from Instagram with a screenshot. I guess that’s technically theft, eh? Most of them have some kind of watermark which I leave alone.

  1. All good words. The first one is a definite reflection of my life the past couple of years but things seem to be turning around in that regard. 🙂

    • You have your husband with you which is so wonderful for you. This quote grabs me because of the three divorces, and my having no desire to date since 2016. I feel like I am self-isolating, yet perhaps the Lord has me in this situation to stop me from making another relationship error. Does that make sense? It’s a very weird situation, yet I am better off and happier this way.

      • It totally makes sense. Yes I have my husband, but I have been separated from a lot of people that I was extremely close to. And as much as I have Dan, on the days (or nights) that he is working – he is pretty much sleeping or working, so I am alone. I really haven’t minded the time alone, it is just strange that I went from so many people in my life to so much solitude.

        • I see, thanks for telling me this. We are the same in losing friends in the past, and being alone. It’s been six years since the final divorce and I still don’t really have any interest in dating still. That’s a lonely life for me! But, I consider my online friends as actual friends!

          • I was going to mention that about online friends. Especially WordPress. I have been alone a lot in the past two/three years but have never felt lonely. I have found a lot of ‘connection’ online. It took me years (and Dan) before I had any interest in being in a ‘relationship’ after my one divorce, so can only imagine how good the single life would feel after three.

            • God bless your marriage! I do enjoy the single life, but at times it can be a bit difficult. I miss the companionship of a woman in my life but relationships seem too scary to try again. It’s difficult for me to trust women now, but I should say that I am certainly not blameless for the marriages coming apart. Oh yeah, I screwed up hard!

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